Water damage remediation

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They recommend us

SANAC s. r. o. was recommended to us by the loss assessor from a foreign insurance company. The inspection and price offer was sent to us in a short period of time, directly by the company Managing Director, Michal Straka. The co-ordination of work under his guidance was professional and markedly contributed to the fast completion of the work.

Daniela Dudrová Sales Manager

Thanks to the fast and professional intervention of SANAC s. r. o., the residents of a flat building could return to their homes shortly after a fire. Based on our experience, we would recommend SANAC s. r. o. to persons interested in remediation work.

Ing. Martin Kanis Executive Officer

We were extremely satisfied with the remediation work performed in our enterprise. Technological, material, and personal coverage of the remediation work by SANAC s. r. o. is at a very high level, so we can always recommend the company.

Gabriela Lukáčová Financial Manager

Professional and comprehensive removal of damage

Water and sewerage piping take care of the comfort at home. But when something happens, the home turns to hell. Yet a little crack may result in major damage to building materials and inventory. It is good to know to whom you can turn with confidence.

Why to choose us?

First the search, then drilling

Avoid stress

It is precisely the remediation of damage caused by water that reveals how a partner who takes over the removal of damage, is irreplaceable. The partner is immediately on the spot with relevant experts, thanks to which expenses and time will be saved. And, most importantly: with a professional team alongside, you will avoid anger and stress. The customer can quietly wait until everything is managed. As if nothing happened.

We provide the fastest drying

Humid walls and floors in a flat are quite uncomfortable. And yet a drying team will come after the departure of which there will be a huge mess. Avoid all these inconveniences and give the proven SANAC s. r. o. team a chance. We provide the fastest drying.

To act quickly means to minimize damage. That is exactly what SANAC s. r. o. does.

Before the start of modification, it is necessary to identify and localize the problem. That is how we do it. We will find cracks with cutting-edge infrared measuring devices and acoustic finders. We do not damage floor heating thanks to localization devices and methods, and thermal imaging cameras. Only then will we begin targeted and gentle modifications.

Small drilling holes
It is not possible to connect drying devices without holes in the floor. However, we do not drill holes with the commonly used 80mm diameter, but with a small 25mm. It requires cutting precision, but thus, the remediation costs are reduced to a minimum.

Tiles will remain intact
While the others will damage the tiles to be able to get into wet places, we use a system that will remove the tiles without damage, and we will just return them again.

The flat remains habitable
Drying devices, cables, noise. Terrible suffering for already stressed people. However, we have sound-proof devices with extremely low space requirements, and pipes will be installed by us in a compact and clean manner.


Our brochure

  • How to prevent the formation of molds on wet structures after flooding?

    With a fast intervention by our technicians. In the damaged area it is necessary to start technical drying in the shortest possible time and treat the damaged structures with antifungal preparations and disinfectants.

Please download our brochure in PDF where you can find detailed information about our work for water damage remediation.