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They recommend us

Sanac s.r.o. was recommended to us by the loss assessor from a foreign insurance company. The inspection and price offer was sent to us in a short period of time, directly by the company Executive Officer, Michal Straka. The co-ordination of work under his guidance was professional and markedly contributed to the fast completion of the work.

Daniela Dudrová Sales Manager

Thanks to the fast and professional intervention of Sanac, the residents of a flat building could return to their homes shortly after a fire. Based on our experience, we would recommend SANAC, s.r.o. to persons interested in remediation work.

Ing. Martin Kanis Executive Officer

We were extremely satisfied with the remediation work performed in our enterprise. Technological, material, and personal coverage of the remediation work by Sanac is at a very high level, so we can always recommend the company.

Gabriela Lukáčová Financial Manager

We provide complete reconstruction work.

SANAC will professionally clean your air-conditioning, machinery, installations, electronics and much more. With the help of the most recent technical means and remediation methods, we will meet your most demanding requirements.

Damage caused by paint, corrosion, dust and dirt deposits, leakages of various liquids, substances and lubricants. We can solve all of these cases.

  • Professional mold removal

    Mainly in damp areas, there is a problem where walls, as well as various other parts of the building or its equipment are attacked by molds. If they are not completely removed, and especially the cause of their occurrence is not removed, the problem will repeat again. That is why we treat the removal of the mold thoroughly and comprehensively so that the removal is long-term. Moulds need to be removed properly, otherwise they will appear again. We have rich experience from different surfaces and spaces, so we can professionally handle even the most difficult to reach places and ranges of molds.

  • Disinfection after various (including biological) waste

    We provide professional cleaning and disinfection of various surfaces and spaces where different types of waste were stored, including biological. We are able to clean the contaminated area, to restore it and dispose of all waste according to valid legislation. We also ensure the disinfection and remediation of sites where human remains were found. We execute complete operations covering all necessary activities.

  • Technical cleaning in establishments of different types

    Dried thick layers of paint, lubricants, other impurities on machines or different surfaces may no longer be an insoluble problem. With the use of crushed ice cleaning technology and other technological processes, we can efficiently remove places with strong dirt.

  • Document and data protection

    Books and other papers can be severely damaged after soaking in water or during fumigation from fire. Fast and timely remediation of documents may markedly eliminate the degree of their damage, or even reinstate documents and data. When either the sublimation method or other professional methods are used, our trained team of technicians can also handle such tasks.

  • Remediation of electronic and machinery

    The remediation of loss events can strongly affect the operation, and it is therefore important to put things right as soon as possible. Therefore, we perform remediation work precisely and quickly to get things back on the road. SANAC’s professionalism and experience will help you to renew your operations. SANAC has experience in almost all industries. In the case of a loss event, the customer does not spend money and time due to secondary damage. Professionalism and work done in accordance with international standards. Cooperation with loss assessors and insurance companies.

  • Removal of the consequences of insured events

    After remediation – like new. As the general contractor, we offer a comprehensive solution for renovation work that we will cover from A to Z as a turnkey. We provide comprehensive reconstruction work. We have our own team of workers, so we are not dependent on subcontractors and thus, we can manage the operations – remove objects and perform the work quickly and precisely. Lots of performed remediation projects of both greater or lesser scope, brought our team strong experience, so we can handle your reconstruction quickly and precisely.

  • Renovation and reconstruction work

    As the general contractor, we offer a complete solution for recovery work. We will remove the damaged inventory, and then perform the relevant remediation work to complete turn-key reconstruction from A to Z. We perform for you the renovation of electrical installations and water installations. We provide completely all reconstruction, masonry and painting work.

  • Ensuring operation without interruption to business

    We are well aware of the importance of the earliest possible reinstatement of damaged site for its full use. That is why we pay attention with the greatest emphasis to efficient use of space and the speed of remediation work. We only take the necessary place and other parts of the operation can further be used, if they were not hit by a loss event. As the general contractor, we offer a complete solution for restoration work. We will remove the damaged inventory, and then perform the relevant remediation work to complete turn-key reconstruction from A to Z.

  • Crisis management

    SANAC’s Crisis Management will prepare the following for you: Expert and professional damage analysis and advice. Professional project within 48 hours. The fixation of damage to prevent its further expansion thanks to initial measures. Damage removal from A to Z. We provide complete reconstruction work.