Fire damage remediation

As soon as firemen leave the place, SANAC s. r. o. is coming. Every hour is important at this moment as sediments after fire and extinguishing water may cause other enormous damage.

Water damage remediation

Yet a little crack may result in major damage to sewerage and water piping. It is good to know to whom you can turn with confidence.

Removal of graffiti

The removal of graffiti requires specialized tools and cleaning agents that minimize the damage of contaminated surface by means of professional application.

Remediation of damage to cars and machinery

We provide – professional surface cleaning of automobiles damaged by paints or other adhesive materials.

Leakage localization

Before the start of destructive methods, it is necessary to identify and localize the problem.

Other damage and special activities

SANAC s. r. o. will clean your air-conditioning, machines, installations, electronics, and others in a professional way.