Damage to cars and machinery

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They recommend us

SANAC s. r. o. was recommended to us by the loss assessor from a foreign insurance company. The inspection and price offer was sent to us in a short period of time, directly by the company Managing Director, Michal Straka. The co-ordination of work under his guidance was professional and markedly contributed to the fast completion of the work.

Daniela Dudrová Sales Manager

Thanks to the fast and professional intervention of SANAC s. r. o., the residents of a flat building could return to their homes shortly after a fire. Based on our experience, we would recommend SANAC s. r. o. to persons interested in remediation work.

Ing. Martin Kanis Executive Officer

We were extremely satisfied with the remediation work performed in our enterprise. Technological, material, and personal coverage of the remediation work by SANAC s. r. o. is at a very high level, so we can always recommend the company.

Gabriela Lukáčová Financial Manager

Cleaning that does not damage the lacquer

We provide professional cleaning of surfaces damaged by paint or other adhesives (synthetic paint, epoxy mixtures, asphalt, cement, varnish, etc.).

Why us?

Free car inspection

Professional removal of this type of damage from the lacquer, glass and other parts of the vehicle does not damage the surfaces and is considerably less time consuming and more cost-effective than replacing parts or re-spraying them.

The remediation process that is preceded by a free car inspection and assessment of the severity of the damage, generally does not last for more than two days.

Experience with all types of vehicles (passenger, delivery, freight car, machinery), quality inspection and documentation is a matter of course.


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  • Will you pick the car up in my home, or must I bring it to your branch in Bratislava?

    It depends on the agreement with the client. If you prefer to pick up your car in your home, we can take over the car in this way. If it is better for you to bring the vehicle to us, we can also take it over in our branch, or we can come to clean the vehicle even to your home, if there are suitable technical conditions for it.

Please download and read our brochure on the remediation of vehicles that are damaged by various resistant substances.