Fire damage remediation

A flat has burnt out. The soot is in every joint, on every piece of furniture there is a layer of tar, smoke from salt acid caused by burnt PVC. A family disaster. As soon as firemen leave the place, SANAC is coming. Now that it’s about fast and professional action to avoid damage.

Water damage remediation

Water and sewerage piping take care of the comfort at home. But when something happens, the home turns to hell. Yet a little crack may result in major damage to building materials and inventory. It is good to know to whom you can turn with confidence.

Removal of graffiti

Has anyone sprayed your house, fence, gate or even car? Graffiti removal requires specialized tools and detergents that minimize damage to the contaminated surface by professional use. The SANAC s. r. o. professional team removes the graffiti professionally and comprehensively so that the damaged surface is restored as soon as possible.

Damage to cars and machinery

We provide professional cleaning of surfaces damaged by paint or other adhesives (synthetic paint, epoxy mixtures, asphalt, cement, varnish, etc.).

Localization of leakages

Before the start of destructive methods, it is necessary to identify and localize the issue. We will find cracks with cutting-edge measuring devices and methods such as thermal vision, illumination test, pressure test, TracerGas method, inspection camera, etc. Only then will we begin targeted and gentle repairs and restoration.

Other damage and special activities

SANAC s. r. o. will professionally clean your air-conditioning, machinery, installations, electronics and much more. With the help of the most recent technical means and remediation methods, we will meet your most demanding requirements.